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Forum Sentencing brings together the offender, victim, and community who have been affected by a crime to meet face-to-face and talk about the impact of the crime on their lives.

Victims are given the opportunity to tell the offender how the offence affected them and their loved ones. Victims also get the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about why the offence took place.

Offenders are given the opportunity to talk about what happened, take responsibility, and gain an understanding of the impact their behaviour had on others.

At the end everyone works together to find ways that can help heal the harm and help prevent the offender engaging in offending behaviour in the future.


James (not his real name) wrote to Forum Sentencing after a year of sobriety. He now has a job as a removalist that he loves:

"Dear Forum, thank you for your intervention. [My intervention plan] has been a lifestyle changing experience for the better to everybody in society which I feel part of once again. It not only saved my life, but more so probably saved others also."

Forum Sentencing on YouTube 


A 10 minute video clip introducing Forum Sentencing and the experience of victim and offender.

Availability of Forum Sentencing

The Forum Sentencing Program is currently available through 47 Local Courts across Sydney, the Hunter and Northern NSW.  

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